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Who are ABC?

ABC Ė Action for Burns and Children - is an organisation dedicated to the PREVENTION of burn and scald injuries to children through basic fire PREVENTION EDUCATION in the home and the REHABILITATION of seriously burned children worldwide.

ABC was founded in 2008 by Cripps Sears & Partners Limited in celebration of the firmís 35th birthday with the goal of raising funds for good causes. ABCís aim is to help children whose lives have been adversely affected through injury to themselves or through an injury to someone on whom they are dependent. This aim lies at the heart of our long-standing concern for the devastating problem of child burns around the world - a concern that saw CS&P co-sponsor a Moscow-based programme which sought to reduce childhood burns in the region by providing schools with educational materials about fire safety and organising and sponsoring Burn Camps for young burns survivors.

What is the Phoenix Burns Project?

Formally established in 2006, in response to the devastating physical and social consequences of burn injuries to children of the Western Cape, Phoenix helps to facilitate the physical and social rehabilitation of burns victims, through raising awareness and contributing to burn prevention initiatives. Phoenix works closely with the Red Cross Children's Hospital in Cape Town, with the ultimate goal of establishing and running a dedicated Burns Rehabilitation Centre for children.


  • Awareness / Prevention
  • Policy-making advice
  • Rehabilitation
  • Follow-up Support
  • Social Reintegration
  • Forums for a co-operative approach to burns issues