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Dates released for ABC 2018 Challenge – 28th October – 4th November! - More Information & Booking Coming Soon!
The 2017 ABC Challengers have raised over £30,000. This is incredible. Well done to them all.
Find out more about what The Phoenix Burns Project does to help child burns victims
Check out our News & Events page to read more about not only the Bikers challenge but also the Hikers challenge.
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See the latest update on the New Education Fund on the Phoenix website.
In South Africa burn-related injuries are still the third most common cause of death in children under-14 and the most common cause of death in under-2s.


Hikers Blog

Day 1

The journey to George by van was fine.
Australians-French-Dutch-Brits now entwine.

16k up and down the mountain we went.
5 and a half hours of time we spent.

Now slightly sore but in good heart
as we join the Bikers and play our part.

Day 2

The Hikers reached the coast quite quickly
And hiked along from Mossel Bay briskly.

Our 12k ups and downs gave beautiful view
Including whale, dolphin and snakes as a few.

Now time to relax as go Game tour.
Saw the Big 5 before it would pour!

Day 3

We spent the night at the game lodge,
but spent the day with some snakes to dodge.

It was up and down again today
but in the forest for our way!

A beautiful environment, it had the lot
....and better still it was not too hot!

We met the bikers at Honeywood Farm.
A long ride up but it did no harm.

Day 4

Now fitter and browner and ready to go
We left the farm early with no one in tow!

Under Mount Langeberg we arrived with our pack.
We hiked up up...along ...and down to get back!

We then headed for the Cape as rain appeared
With plans for Table mountain on day 5 somewhat feared.

Day 5

Day 5 arrived as did torrents of rain
Leaving thoughts of Table Mountain top very much in vain.

We climbed and climbed for several hours
Then traversed, and went down with all our powers.

Our reward was at Camps Bay with the whole ABC team.
Where pictures and stories will soon be a dream.

A celeb smart dinner was just what was needed
Followed by warnings ref early night need, mostly being heeded.

Day 6/7

A visit to the burns unit and then a township
Was supported by talks from the Phoenix leadership.

Next space then dinns at Mama Africa ok
Before flights to Australia, France, Holland and U.K.

A wonderful trip full of challenge and fun
For a cause we love and hope will run and run.

Bikers Blog

Day 1

What a way to start the week! One thing that didn’t fade was the positive spirit within the group which was helped by the spectacular views and finding a variety of animals including rhinos and zebras. Team ‘Les Bleu Frog’ acted as a support team to the people at the back which helped those struggling push that bit harder. We were welcomed by much needed refreshment stops throughout the ride for some it gave the opportunity to rest and recover and others jumped up when a football presented itself. A very exciting and challenging morning leaving us all looking froward to seeing what tomorrow brings!

Day 2

Well that was certainly a day of ups and downs. Stunning scenery once again and hot too, we seemed to reach 43 degrees maybe more in the valleys! We met some very friendly ostriches on the way that later at the Garden Lodge turned out to be quite delicious.

The grand finale ride through the game lodge made all the pain worthwhile, just! We then had game drive where we saw a very friendly giraffe, zebra and the cutest baby rhino was spectacular. The day concluded with excellent food and some very nice digs for the night combined with an amazing electrical storm.

Day 3

The 100km day started off with a welcomed breeze which was all we could have wished for after yesterday meaning we could enjoy the surroundings and the ride more. Despite the morning being a more leisurely ride the tempo definitely changed before lunch; with a hill so steep even the van struggled to get up! Lunch gave us the opportunity to refuel ready for the 5km climb up to the farm. Looking forward to a relaxing evening having dinner with a spectacular view over the mountains.

Day 4

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief when they received the itinerary for the day to find that the profile of the ride was fairly flat and would be finished by lunch. An early wrong turn meant that we all had to climb a tough hill but the day only improved as it went on. The cooler temperature also lifted spirits and although there where still a few big climbs it all ended on a high, we had a long downhill to the chain ferry at the end of the ride. Then into the mini bus to get back to Cape Town ready for our final ride along the Cape Peninsula tomorrow.

Day 5

Well the weather this morning was a challenge, but one us Europeans are used to! The pouring rain and howling wind made riding along the stunning coastal road difficult especially for the Aussies who are used to tropical conditions. Luckily after we stopped for some fish and chips at the bay. The day brightened up and the downhill ride into camps bay was spectacular. We were welcomed by the hikers and day trippers team and it’s safe to say we where glad to be getting of the bikes once and for all. Photographs and margaritas on the lawn made the perfect end to an unforgettable week.

The Phoenix Burns Project
The Funds raised from the ABC Hikers/Bikers Challenge will go towards the Phoenix Burns Project, a South African charity registered as a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO:57-154) and a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO:930031313) in South Africa. The Phoenix Burns Project works to reduce the long-term suffering of badly burned or scalded children through accidental fires and other burns and scalds due to unsafe paraffin stoves, candles and hot water which are all too common for children in the impoverished townships of South Africa.